Spencer and the Walrus

Hey folks. We really hate to do this, but we have decided to postpone this year’s Beatles Night livestream. Most bands consist of 3-5 people and due to their size, are able to “pod” and maintain save distance. Even scaled down, this stream would require The Walrus and crew (20+ people) to be in a room together, singing and honking on horns for several hours over several days, both for rehearsals and for the performance. We simply don’t feel comfortable with that notion at present time with the numbers where they are and with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us. This is not a condemnation of livestreams in general, the lion’s share of them can be and are conducted very safely. Our case is unique simply due to the size of our organization. If we can find a way to reschedule during a safer time in the near future, we will absolutely do so. We were really looking forward to bringing this show to you, even in a limited capacity. We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

State Theatre is proud to present Portland’s 18th Annual BEATLES NIGHT with Spencer and The Walrus. With all the guitars, drums, keyboards, strings, horns and harmonies Spencer and the Walrus painstakingly and lovingly recreate the greatest songs and recordings of all time, once again on Thanksgiving weekend.